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What makes a cleanroom clean? Proper air quality, air pressure and airflow distribution are essential to the proper operation of a cleanroom. Proper airflow and air quality levels depend upon the specific product(s), application(s) and relevant standards for which the cleanroom is being built. In addition to ensuring the cleanliness of the product, optimal air flow helps keep personnel comfortable, maximizes energy use and lowers operating costs.

The goal of cleanroom mechanical engineering is to limit the number of airborne particles that can potentially contaminate the product to within a certain range, and to ensure that processing occurs within the proper temperature and humidity conditions. CE Services understands the standards that apply to manufacturing for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. Our objectives are to engineer facilities that:

  • Keep outside contaminants out of the cleanroom
  • Prevent contamination from processes that occur inside
  • Monitor air quality levels continually and respond accordingly
  • Incorporate systems that eliminate contaminants

Multi-Disciplinary Team Is at Your Service

At CE Services, our engineers work with our designers to ensure that all aspects of the cleanroom work together seamlessly. Achieving good air flow and filtration relies at least partly on the room size and layout, equipment location, and the use of advanced, energy-efficient machinery. We also coordinate when making decisions regarding wall and furnishing materials, since these affect airborne particulate levels and the efficient operation of HVAC systems.