Testing and Cleanroom Certification

A Range of Cleanroom Certification Services

Once construction is complete, the facility must pass various tests to obtain certification status. CE is the reliable, trusted cleanroom certification company you need for assurance that your cleanroom meets all relevant standards, including Class 100 – 100K, ISO 5 – 8, ISO 14644-1, ISO 14644-2 and FS 209. Using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-traceable calibrated instruments, we do particle counts and test the room differential air pressure, temperature and humidity, and more, depending on your needs.

Our services include:

  • Cleanroom validation and certification
  • Facility commissioning
  • Cleanroom balancing and startup

Why Do Cleanrooms Need These Services?

Commissioning verifies that what was specified was installed and that everything works properly before start up and turn over to the user. Before you begin operating your cleanroom, a reputable certification company must validate the following:

  • The design is appropriate for its intended use.
  • The installed equipment and facility meet User Requirement Specifications (URS), work together as a system and meet all regulatory requirements.
  • The environmental systems are adjusted and balanced.
  • The cleanroom operates within specified conditions and produces the desired outcome.
  • Monitoring and control systems meet ISO 14644-2 compliance requirements.

After successful completion of validation and certification, we send you a report that contains a description of the testing undertaken, the test results and recommendations for maintaining the facility at its desired class. You also receive a wall-mountable inspection certificate. Add the benches, equipment, and cleaning and maintenance supplies, and your cleanroom is ready for startup!

Testing is most often completed on an annual basis. However, depending on your industry and application, cleanroom testing and certification may be required every six months. You must shut down after a contaminating event occurs and following the completion of a cleanroom expansion. Only after re-test and re-certification can your facility start up again.