State-of-the-Art Cleanroom Design

Cleanroom Engineering Capabilities

With over 50 years of combined experience, CE Engineering is the team you want to help you plan and build your cleanroom. Our engineers have the experience and expertise to design and engineer a facility that meets your performance and operational standards as well as all relevant industry and specific application standards. Our clients rely on our professional team to develop:

  • Architectural-stamped drawings
  • Mechanical designs and drawings
  • Electrical designs and drawings
  • Plumbing designs and drawings
  • Structural designs and drawings
  • Life safety designs and drawings
  • Permit documents

A Depth of Engineering Experience

CE Engineering has worked on a wide variety of cleanrooms. We have successfully engineered compliant projects of all sizes and with all levels of complexity, including new and remodeled cleanroom facilities for many applications and industries.

Is it time to add a cleanroom to your manufacturing process? How should you undertake such an important project? CE Engineering makes it easy. We understand how to design critical environments and we collaborate with you to ensure that our work takes your requirements into account, including the following:

  • Size (determines HVAC, filtration and more)
  • Location (large empty space, available room or freestanding)
  • Cleanliness classification (based on product and process requirements)
  • Cleanroom type (hardwall or softwall)
  • Equipment required (machines, benches, etc.)
  • Budget
  • Schedule

Our team considers what you want and need, but it doesn’t end there. We present options and make recommendations to help you make a final decision before proceeding with design and engineering tasks. CE always has your best interests at heart and we work hard to engineer the cleanroom project that best meets your needs.

Cleanroom Design Is an Art and a Science

CE collaborates with you to understand how you intend to use your cleanroom so we can design an advanced facility that meets your needs — efficiently and cost-effectively — regardless of where in the United States you are located. Your layout will meet the anticipated movements of people and materials, accommodate your cleanroom process(es), account for the type and size of equipment you use, and contain the desired number of windows and doors.

Your new facility will comply with all regulations governing your industry and specific application. And your cleanroom will be expertly designed to fit into the space you have in mind, including the room’s dimensions, presence of columns, type of floor and other considerations.

Let us know your future plans. CE designs modular cleanrooms that can be easily reconfigured or expanded should your needs change.