Project Management

Cleanroom Project Management and Implementation

Keeping Your Cleanroom Project on Track

Designing, engineering and building a cleanroom is not an easy task. You need an experienced, specialized partner, like CE, to guide a successful cleanroom project from start to finish. Our cleanroom management team keeps everything organized — the jobs, the materials, the equipment and the people — to ensure that the project proceeds efficiently and cost-effectively. The goal, of course, is to build a high-quality, USP/FDA-compliant cleanroom that performs as intended and is completed on time and on budget.

Our Cleanroom Project Management Process

The multi-disciplinary team at CE follows a process that includes these steps:

  1. Initial consultation to confirm the client’s objectives
  2. Cleanroom design and engineering
  3. Production of contract documents and schedule
  4. Detailed planning, final drawings, permits and client approval
  5. Contracting and construction (materials, subcontractors and in-house labor, inspections)
  6. Final inspection, sign-off, safety training
  7. Validation, commissioning and certification
  8. Turnover of the completed, certified facility

CE utilizes advanced technology (including state-of-the-art scheduling software) and the latest engineering and construction techniques to ensure that your facility and all its furnishings, systems and equipment are fully functional. We also confirm that your finished cleanroom accommodates the process(es) that must be performed and achieves the desired results before we hand it over to you.