CE Installations

Complete Cleanroom Installation Services

Critical Environment Installations

Our experienced and professional in-house installation crews travel across the United States to correctly install cleanroom projects. The CE Installations division handles everything — from products and equipment installation to cleanroom expansions, relocations and upgrades. No project is too simple or too complex!

Our crews understand cleanrooms and do everything required to meet your industry and application standards. Further, we complete projects correctly, on time and on budget. Don’t employ just any local construction firm for cleanroom installation; for the best outcome, hire CE Installations, a superior specialty installer.

CE Cleanroom Installations

CE Installations provides exactly the amount of support you need. Our cleanroom installation capabilities include:

  • Assembly of modular units in the field
  • Pre-assembly of modular cleanrooms
  • Hardwall (conventional) construction
  • Softwall construction
  • Turnkey cleanroom construction

Modular installation uses pre-engineered components and simplified methods to reduce overall construction time, while lessening the impact on current production. Conventional construction may include the installation of everything from HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems to structural elements such as floors and walls, to cleanroom testing and certification.