Modular Cleanrooms

Solutions for Diverse Industries

Your Trusted Modular Cleanroom Manufacturer

When you decide that you need a controlled environment for manufacturing or assembling products or conducting research, get in touch with the experts at CE. We have decades of experience in modular cleanroom design, engineering and installation of high-quality, compliant structures that meet the industry- and application-specific needs of our clients.

CE has the experience and capabilities to meet your cleanroom needs. Whether you’re looking for a freestanding cleanroom or one that’s built into your existing facility, modular cleanroom systems for controlling contamination and other variables, or high-quality cleanroom components and products, we provide it. We are truly your one-stop cleanroom shop!

Why Your Organization May Need a Cleanroom

Entities that handle sensitive products or parts, businesses that require a contamination-free process, and manufacturers that need to operate within a certain temperature or humidity range are all potential cleanroom users. Some industries, such as pharmaceuticals, medical device and biotechnology, are subject to strict regulations and air particulate counts that cannot be achieved without the controlled environment that a cleanroom provides.

CE is familiar with the FDA, USP <797> and <800>, USDA standards and ISO class requirements that so many of our clients must meet. We design and engineer compliant cleanrooms to meet exacting industry requirements. We understand how to control contamination and design HVAC and HEPA filter systems to regulate air flow, pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as how to monitor and maintain the required parameters.

Advantages of Modular Cleanroom Construction

Modular construction uses pre-engineered construction techniques that make installation easy, fast and less costly than more traditional building methods. Further, modular cleanrooms provide a level of flexibility that a conventional installation does not. For example, modular cleanrooms can be easily reconfigured, expanded or even relocated in response to changing needs. Plus, they are available in both hardwall and softwall (portable) options.

CE provides a selection of wall, ceiling and floor types and materials; HEPA filters; lighting fixtures; windows, doors and electrical components. We also offer a line of high-quality products to complete your cleanroom, including air showers, benches, lockers and accessories for gowning rooms. We’re ready to design your modular cleanroom whenever you are!