Cleanrooms for Safety and Precision

Controlling Biocontamination

Businesses and organizations involved in gene therapy, vaccine development, CAR T-cell therapy, personalized medicine and related projects need to work within a controlled environment. This potentially life-saving work must be performed in a facility that is free of airborne particulates and other contaminants, and one that maintains specified temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure ranges. 

Compliant Biotech Cleanrooms

CE designs, engineers and installs controlled environments in accordance with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) regulations. This means your biotech cleanroom is built to the highest standards and provides maximum contamination control. Generally, the biotechnology industry must adhere to the regulations of ISO Class 5/Federal Standard 209 Class 100 or better — and CE gets you there.

Controlled Environments from CE

For biotech cleanrooms, we recommend hardwall or rigidwall construction that provides a higher level of control than softwall construction. Depending on your situation, we will install a freestanding structure or one that is integrated into your existing building. CE’s cleanrooms are designed to be flexible so if your needs change, your structure can be reconfigured, expanded or even converted from a pilot “plant” into a production suite.

CE goes beyond the structure itself to ensure that your operational requirements are met. We engineer and install the most appropriate air circulation, HVAC, filtration and lighting systems for your particular application. We also offer a line of high-quality furnishings and products to enhance your cleanroom operation. Plus, when you’re ready to start working, we provide the required cleanroom testing and certification.

You can rest easy knowing that when CE is on the job, you get exactly what you need — and you get it on time and on budget.