Chemical Cleanrooms

Controlling Contamination for Safety and Product Purity

Critical Environments for Chemicals

Chemicals are used in many manufacturing processes. Not only is working with chemicals potentially hazardous to workers’ health and safety, but also product quality can be negatively impacted if even small amounts of chemicals get on sensitive parts such as semiconductors and electronic components. Controlled cleanroom environments are essential for chemical testing and processing operations, regardless of industry.

Compliant Chemical Cleanrooms

CE designs, engineers and installs cleanrooms that adhere to ISO 14644-1 classifications and meet the ISO Class 8 classification or better. The cleanroom keeps out external contaminants while preventing chemical spills or the process itself from contaminating the air, equipment or workers in the cleanroom. Our professionals understand how to control contamination, air flow, pressure, temperature and humidity to protect process, product and people.

Modular Cleanrooms from CE

CE offers several types of modular cleanrooms, each with different amounts of environmental control. After discussing your specific needs, we determine the type of structure that best suits your situation. Hardwall construction is compliant with the most rigorous standards, while rigidwall construction offers a good level of control along with some flexibility. We do not recommend softwall construction for chemical testing or processing applications, but it may be used for chemical storage.

Our engineers also determine the HVAC and filtration systems required to reduce airborne particulates to an acceptable level, as well as the optimal lighting, fan and electrical systems for your application. The CE Products division offers benches, air showers, cabinets, lockers and gowning room accessories to complete your cleanroom. CE has everything you need to improve your facility’s safety and performance.