Cleanrooms for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Do You Need a Semiconductor Cleanroom?

Quality, contamination-free semiconductors are vital to the performance of cellphones, computers, radios and other electronic devices. Only 100% pure silicon is used in semiconductor manufacturing to ensure their proper functioning. Even the smallest speck of dust can destroy the tiny semiconductor, resulting in wasted time and money.

Meeting Stringent Specifications

Contamination can be controlled only by managing the manufacturing environment through use of a cleanroom. A semiconductor cleanroom is a sterile, enclosed space in which airborne particulates, air pressure, air flow, static, vibration, lighting, temperature and humidity are tightly controlled to an industry standard, such as ISO 14644. The ISO standard establishes classes of air cleanliness in cleanrooms. Specialized air flow, HVAC, filtration and other specialized equipment are necessary to control the particulate count.

Quality Cleanrooms from CE

CE has years of experience with semiconductor cleanrooms — from design and engineering to construction and project management all the way through to certification. From start to finish, we are committed to providing you with a controlled environment that facilitates quality manufacturing.

We offer hardwall and softwall designs that can be erected as a freestanding structure or integrated into an existing building. In addition to designing the layout, CE engineers and installs the air flow, antistatic and HVAC systems you need to comply with industry standards. Modular construction ensures clean components, fast installation and flexibility to meet your future needs.

We also offer high-quality products to meet your furnishings, storage and gowning room requirements. We are truly the single source for all your cleanroom needs!