Environmental Testing Rooms

Solutions for Controlled Industrial Testing

Environmental Test Rooms

Also called an environmental chamber, a climatic chamber or a climate chamber, an environmental testing room is an enclosure in which the effects of varying conditions are tested on industrial and biological products, materials, electronic devices, food and more. In addition to tests on manufactured products and materials, testing in an environmental chamber may include chemical, bacteriological and radiological analyses of water, soil, animals, air and hazardous waste.

Meeting Testing Standards

The enclosure’s temperature, humidity and other variables must be controlled to determine their effects on the items being tested. Some chambers are also able to test the effects of corrosion by simulating corrosion with a salt spray. Testing rooms must comply with ISO/IEC 17025 standards and maintain a cleanroom classification of ISO Class5/Federal Standard 209 Class 100.

Controlled Testing Environments

CE has decades of experience designing, engineering and constructing all types of cleanrooms, and we will build and install a high-quality, controlled environmental test room that meets your requirements. We use pre-engineered construction techniques to ensure cleanliness, economy and speed. Modular structures are designed for flexibility, so you can easily change the layout, expand or even relocate your cleanroom when your needs change.

Our testing cleanrooms are built using prefabricated hardwall or rigidwall components with the appropriate thickness and insulation to comply with Class 100 regulations. Electrical, HVAC, air filtration, lighting and control systems are designed for the type, size and use of your room. We also offer superior furnishings and products, such as benches, cabinets, hoods and gowning room accessories.

Once your facility is installed, certified and turned over to you, you may begin conducting stability, humidity and simulation testing. CE uses the highest-quality components to ensure that your environmental test room operates at peak performance for years.