Universities and Institutions

High-Quality Cleanrooms for Higher Education

Cleanrooms for a Range of Uses

Institutional and university cleanrooms are often used in the areas of science, engineering, medical education and research, agriculture and more. Undertaking a university project is more difficult than working with a private company, but we’re up to the task.

From the earliest stage, we collaborate with faculty, research partners and contractors. CE has decades of experience coordinating projects on campus when school is in session, and we complete all university cleanroom projects on time and on budget.

Meeting Stringent Specifications

Cleanrooms, of course, are designed and built to control contamination and other variables, but the regulations that govern cleanrooms differ by application. We understand the requirements for all cleanrooms — from ISO 4 through ISO Class 8, and from Federal Standard 209e Class 10 through Class 100,000 — and will build a facility that meets the standards that are relevant to your specific use. 

Institutional and University Cleanrooms

Our professionals offer consulting, design, engineering, contracting and construction, project management and certification services. Select the service you need, or choose the full-service, turnkey model and let us do it all.

We install your hardwall or softwall cleanroom in an existing building, or we can build it as a freestanding facility. We use modular construction techniques so you start using your new controlled environment in a relatively short amount of time, and reconfigure, expand or even relocate the cleanroom if your needs change in the future.

At CE, we don’t just build a cleanroom; we equip it with the systems you need to protect your research, testing or manufacturing processes. Toward that end, we design a recirculating air system that controls temperature and humidity as well as a particle-monitoring system to help control the number of airborne contaminants in your environment. Laminar flow workstations and chemical storage cabinets help keep the air clean and protect students from hazardous materials.