A Clean Environment for Indoor Farming

The Changing Agriculture Industry

Vital agricultural research requires a controlled environment. Plus, advances in technology are moving some agricultural jobs indoors, and controlled environments allow the growing of fruits and vegetables in rural or urban locations. Seeds, pesticides and feeds can be developed within the four walls of grow rooms in any location.

Benefits of Agricultural Cleanrooms

Why are growers turning from outdoor planting to controlled environments? Crop yields and efficiency increase when cleanrooms are used due to these factors:

  • Meeting federal and industry standards for food production is easier.
  • Cleanrooms are free of contaminants, pests and other hazards.
  • Weather is no longer a variable and year-round planting is common.
  • Using vertical space means more plants can be grown in a smaller space.
  • Cleanrooms located closer to population centers reduce the need to transport food long distances.

Modular Cleanrooms from CE

With decades of experience in building high-quality cleanrooms, CE is ready to design, engineer and install your agricultural grow room. Our buildings can be installed anywhere, even in warehouses and other industrial facilities, or they can be freestanding. We prefer to use pre-engineered, modular techniques for reasons of cleanliness, installation speed and flexibility to respond to changing needs.

Our cleanrooms are built in compliance with ISO classes 5 to 7 and the ISO 144644-1 cleanroom standard for growing food. They are designed to control airborne and other contaminants, while maintaining optimal air pressure, temperature and humidity levels. Structures and materials are easy to clean. A stainless steel frame and ceiling are generally preferred for agricultural cleanrooms, and we install food grade-compatible lighting.

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