Nanotech and Microelectronic Cleanrooms

Nanotechnology Sector Cleanrooms

Manufacturing technology components requires a great deal of skill. It also requires that the levels of airborne particulates, pressure, static, temperature and humidity are maintained at specified levels to ensure that the product is the highest quality. Electronic manufacturing can be costly, and poor-quality products mean re-work and an outlay of time and money that may exceed the operations budget. And if a defective product does get through, the company risks negative publicity that may result in loss of business.

Complying with Rigorous Standards

Controlled environments for nanotech and microelectronic manufacturing generally operate in compliance with ISO Class 1 to ISO Class 6 cleanliness standards. Varying processes may require different levels of cleanliness, but whatever the level required, continually maintaining the specified standard is vital.

CE’s Modular Cleanrooms

CE specializes in providing sterile cleanroom construction via engineered building systems. We offer a range of services — from consultation through certification — but most clients prefer our complete turnkey/single-source responsibility solutions. CE utilizes pre-engineered construction techniques for cleanliness, speed and the flexibility to reconfigure the space as needs change.

Nanotechnology cleanrooms are designed and engineered to meet your needs for temperature stability, humidity control, static elimination, vibration abatement, airborne particle reduction, appropriate lighting and more. We install the HVAC, exhaust and monitoring systems mandated by your relevant application and industry regulations. 

Rest easy knowing that CE takes care of your performance, compliance, budget and scheduling needs. No project is too complex for our experienced professionals!