Cannabis Cultivation Rooms

Grow Room Design, Engineering and Installation

Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

Cannabis cultivation businesses require expertise in commercial grow room design and layout. CE has adapted its years of experience in modular cleanroom design to meet the needs of this relatively new — and increasingly regulated — growth industry. Whether you grow marijuana for medical or recreational use, regulations are being developed to govern the commercial cultivation, production and packaging of cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

Meeting Cleanroom Standards

Responsible manufacturers of medical-grade marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) products comply with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) by working within a controlled environment or cleanroom that maintains the sterility of the products and containers. A good cleanroom provides an environment that meets quality and safety standards by eliminating contamination. Using such a facility increases your products’ values and safeguards your customers and employees.

Modular Grow Rooms from CE

CE builds sanitary environments that easily adapt to the indoor cultivation needs of cannabis growers. A grow room from CE helps maximize yields by ensuring that your products are processed in controlled conditions. The grow room keeps pests and airborne contaminants out, while maintaining the desired air quality, temperature and humidity levels.

During the grow room design process, CE recommends elements that best meet each client’s needs. You don’t just get a solution; you get the right solution for your business. We select mold-resistant, easy-to-clean wall and floor surfaces, and install the air flow and filtering products that provide the precise air quality your process demands.

Commercial grow room design and layout are among our many capabilities. CE custom designs modular grow rooms that meet your layout needs for separate flowering, vegetative and drying areas. Your controlled environment can be freestanding or installed in an existing structure. Engineered for flexibility, modular grow rooms are easily reconfigured, relocated or even expanded as your business needs change.