Cleanrooms and Enclosures for the Auto Industry

Cleanrooms for Auto Component Manufacturing

The auto industry is focused on preventing defects in parts manufacturing, glass coatings, painting and electrical components. Cleanrooms help prevent defects by providing an environment that controls the amount of dust and other airborne particles, air pressure, static, temperature and humidity. Controlling these variables reduces manufacturing and cleanup time, provides consistency in quality and design, and decreases waste, which saves money.

Standards and Regulation Compliance

Various applications and processes in the automotive industry are subject to compliance standards. In addition to completing performance testing of paints and finishes as well as other quality assurance testing protocols, most auto components manufacturers are required to meet ISO 9001 or ISO/TS 16949 standards as well as the relevant ISO classification for production of critical automotive parts.

A cleanroom is a sterile environment that helps manufacturers achieve the level of quality control required to meet these standards. It is built to comply with and maintain each client’s requirements to meet industry-mandated standards and/or other quality management systems.

Modular Cleanrooms from CE

CE has a range of cleanroom capabilities, including design, engineering, construction and certification. Our experienced professionals understand what automotive manufacturers need, and we work with you to provide the controlled environment that meets your requirements for product quality.

We provide the type of structure you want (hardwall or softwall, freestanding or within another structure). We also recommend the walls, ceiling, floors, windows and pass-throughs that best meet your needs. Our engineers install the HVAC and HEPA filtration systems that optimize your process and comply with standards and regulations. And when your cleanroom is ready, CE is available to provide the certification necessary to start up your operation(s).

CE offers a comprehensive line of high-quality products to complete your cleanroom. From benches, hoods, lighting and monitors to showers, shoe cleaners and gowning room accessories, we provide everything you need to drive the quality of your manufactured parts.