Solutions to Ensure Manufacturing Process Integrity

Manufacturing Facility Cleanrooms

Regardless of your process — injection molding, precision extrusion, 3D printing, computer numerical control (CNC) machining, vacuum forming or any other — the manufacture of some products requires the use of a controlled environment. Sensitive components must be protected from contamination to ensure that they are high quality and work as intended. Contaminated products lead to costly re-work and wasted time.

Manufacturing cleanrooms are designed and engineered to keep dust, microbes, fibers and other contaminants away from the production process, and to precisely control the air flow as well as the temperature, humidity and pressure levels in the room. The cleanroom creates and maintains the optimal controlled environment that ensures the safety of the manufacturing process and produces a high-quality product.

Benefits of Manufacturing Cleanrooms

A well-designed cleanroom offers a regulated, well-controlled manufacturing environment that provides the repeatability needed to consistently make products that meet your quality standards. Manufacturing higher-quality, contaminant-free products makes your business more competitive. By removing the contaminants that negatively impact your manufacturing process and parts, you reduce the waste of time and money that result from the production of defective products.

Modular Cleanrooms from CE

CE takes cleanroom projects from planning and engineering to construction, installation and certification. We specialize in pre-engineered construction techniques for cleanliness, speed of installation and flexibility to meet future changes.

Whether you choose hardwall or softwall construction, a freestanding unit or one installed within an existing building, we have the experience and know-how required. We understand what manufacturers need, and we work with you to provide the controlled environment that precisely meets your requirements for process safety and product quality.