Electronics Cleanrooms Improve Quality and Consistency

Keeping the Manufacturing Process Clean

Electronics products and parts assemblers and manufacturers know that contamination can potentially put them out of business. Contamination leads to defects, which lead to re-work, and re-work is a waste of time and money. Plus, contaminated products may result in the loss of ISO systems certification as well as negative publicity and significant reputational damage.

To prevent contamination and potential adverse consequences, smart manufacturers process sensitive parts and components in a high-quality cleanroom. CE has decades of experience working with clients in the electronics industry, so we understand how to design, engineer and build a sterile environment that provides the clean manufacturing space they need.

Every Electronics Company Needs a Cleanroom

An effective electronics cleanroom is one that eliminates dust and other airborne contaminants, while controlling and continually monitoring air filtration and pressure, static electricity, temperature and humidity. CE custom designs, engineers and installs cleanrooms to meet the unique needs of electronics firms, whether they manufacture and/or assemble products, clean and package parts and components, or work as engineers or researchers. 

Controlled Environments from CE

Modular electronics cleanrooms are clean, simple to install, and relatively easy to reconfigure, upgrade or relocate. CE ensures that your sterile cleanroom is designed and engineered to comply with the industry’s highest standards for contamination control and cleanliness.

We offer a range of options so you get the systems and components that meet your specific requirements. CE has many available choices and our experts recommend the best lighting, door and window options, electrical wiring, ceiling, wall and floor products, materials and finishes for your application.

Once your installation is complete and equipment in place, CE offers certification services to get your facility up and running. We also have a complete line of high-quality products to meet your furnishing, storage and gowning room requirements. We are truly the single source for all your cleanroom needs!