Can sterile and non-sterile hazardous drugs (HDs) be stored together?

Yes. Sterile and non-sterile HDs may be stored together. However, HDs used for non-sterile compounding should not be stored in areas designated for sterile compounding in order to minimize traffic into the sterile compounding area (see USP <800> 5.2 Storage).

Additionally, antineoplastic HDs requiring manipulation (other than counting or repackaging of final dosage forms) and any HD with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) must be stored separately from non-HDs in a manner that prevents contamination and personnel exposure. These HDs must be stored in an externally ventilated, negative pressure room with at least 12 air changes per hour (ACPH).

Non-antineoplastic, reproductive risk only, and final dosage forms of antineoplastic HDs may be stored with other inventory if permitted by entity policy. Refrigerated antineoplastic HDs must be stored in a dedicated refrigerator in a negative pressure area with at least 12 ACPH (e.g., storage room, buffer room or Containment Segregated Compounding Area (C-SCA).