Why choose a modular cleanroom?

CE’s modular cleanrooms significantly reduce your design, engineering and construction time as well as cost. They offer several distinct advantages over fixed-wall cleanrooms, including:

  • Portability — Since it’s not a permanent part of your larger structure, a modular cleanroom can be disassembled and relocated, moved to another facility, or even sold as an asset.
  • Expandability — Our modular cleanrooms are easy to expand; simply remove one (or more) walls and add another cleanroom module. Our prefabricated designs permit your cleanroom to be expanded, reconfigured in a different layout or divided into multiple, smaller rooms.
  • Quick Turnaround — While building a fixed-wall cleanroom may take several months, CE will build and install a sophisticated, modular hardwall cleanroom in just a few weeks. On-site assembly of our modular cleanrooms is also significantly less disruptive to your day-to-day operations.